Welcome to Urban Elementz

Quilting, sewing and creating provide a perfect medium for synthesizing past, present and future.

Urban Elementz is dedicated to supporting your journey in elevating these crafts,
with our quilting designs (paper, digital, Tear Away®, embroidery, design boards, stencils), patterns, and applique,
from purely functional to a level of artistry.

* The amazing pantograph on the blue/green French Braid quilt (from French Braid Quilts with a Twist) is “Chantilly” by Patricia E. Ritter and Leisha Farnsworth


Weekly Design Deal

August 3rd - August 9th
Dizzy Izzy Dual Pattern
Dizzy Izzy GIF Pattern

Dizzy Izzy
20% OFF
Quilt photo courtesy of and shared by Whitney Oaks Designs


What's New

Cypress - Pantograph New
Starting at $15.00
Fresh Air - Pantograph New
Fresh Air
Starting at $13.00
Dolce - Pantograph New
Starting at $13.00
Cats - N - Yarn - Pantograph NewB2B
Starting at $15.00
Amadeus - Pantograph New
Starting at $15.00
Emboss - Pantograph NewP2P
Starting at $13.00
Pinking - Pantograph NewP2P
Starting at $13.00
Garden Flower - Pantograph New
Garden Flower
Starting at $15.00
Dharma - Pantograph New
Starting at $13.00
Cove - Pantograph New
Starting at $13.00
Analog - Pantograph NewP2P
Starting at $15.00
Euphoria - Pantograph New
Starting at $15.00
Boo - Pantograph New
Starting at $15.00
Black Widow - Pantograph NewB2B
Black Widow
Starting at $15.00
Ozzy - Pantograph New
Starting at $15.00
Sunny Bees - Pantograph NewB2B
Sunny Bees
Starting at $17.00
Ceduna - Pantograph New
Starting at $15.00
Petal Tails - Pantograph New
Petal Tails
Starting at $15.00
Puddle Jumper - Pantograph New
Puddle Jumper
Starting at $15.00
Eternity - Pantograph NewB2B
Starting at $13.00
Iridescent - Pantograph New
Starting at $15.00
Baptist Heart Fan - Pantograph New
Baptist Heart Fan
Starting at $12.50
Two of a Kind - Pantograph New
Two of a Kind
Starting at $15.00

We Built our Business One Block at a Time ...

At Urban Elementz, we design and create unique products to spark your creativity. What we don't design ourselves, we personally curate for quality, artistry, usability, whimsy, and je ne sais quoi. If it doesn't make us smile, or otherwise live up to our obsessive/compulsive standards of excellence, we won't sell it. Whether you need that one special finishing piece or that first stroke of inspiration, we have swoon-worthy styles you're sure to love. Are you pantograph obsessed or looking for a versatile go-to pattern that works anywhere and anytime? Do you love finding treasures to add to your stash? Are you crazy about FREE stuff? Whatever you're looking for, no matter the type of textile art you're envisioning, you deserve the perfect choices that bring out the best in your quilts and make your artistry shine.

Urban Elementz has every design element you need to create a stunning new project:

Our eclectic collection of designs is the perfect way to make all your endeavors pop because we believe art is about the little details. No matter if you're piecing your first quilt-top, experimenting with fusible appliqué or using computerized quilting designs to enter in a show, our vast assortment of eye-catching concepts can tie together every component of your quilt. Our textile arts are always evolving, so your style can to.

At Urban Elementz, when it comes to quilting, we've got you covered.