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  1. Anthology - Fuchsia
    Anthology - Fuchsia
    Starting at $5.75
  2. Batik Basix - Island - UE13-060
    Batik Basix - Island - UE13-060
    Starting at $5.75
  3. Catalog - All
    Catalog - All
    Special Price $18.38 Regular Price $24.50
  4. Catalog - Applique / Pattern
    Catalog - Applique / Pattern Only
    Special Price $4.88 Regular Price $6.50
  5. Catalog - Design Board
    Catalog - Design Board Only
    Special Price $3.38 Regular Price $4.50
  6. Catalog - Pantographs
    Catalog - Pantograph Only
    Special Price $6.38 Regular Price $8.50
  7. Catalog - Stencil Only
    Catalog - Stencil Only
    Special Price $1.88 Regular Price $2.50
  8. Catalog - Tattoo
    Catalog - Tattoo Only
    Special Price $1.88 Regular Price $2.50
  9. Catalog - Tear Away
    Catalog - Tear Away Only
    Special Price $1.88 Regular Price $2.50
  10. Design Board Connector Rings
    Design Board Connector Rings - Set of 6
  11. Glow Strips (LED Lighting)
    Glow Strips (LED Lighting)
    Starting at $26.95
  12. Hoffman - Pearl
    Hoffman - Pearl
    Starting at $5.75
  13. Hoffman - Sea Breeze
    Hoffman - Sea Breeze
    Starting at $5.75
  14. Island Batik - 121506096
    Island Batik - 121506096
    Starting at $5.75
  15. Island Batik - IB21-Custard
    Island Batik - IB21-Custard
    Starting at $5.75
  16. Island Batik - Yolk
    Island Batik - Yolk
    Starting at $5.75
  17. KONA Cotton - Silver
    KONA Cotton - Silver
    Starting at $5.50
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Drool-worthy Textiles ...


When it comes to quilting, fabric should be both practical and inspiring, and Urban Elementz’ fabric collection - UE Basix - includes many options for both. UE Basix combine quality quilter’s cotton with on-trend colors and styles that will work well with any style from funky to classic and everything in between.

It used to be, if you were a quilter between 1976, (when quilters used traditional patterns and cutting methods) and, oh, 2016 when we came out with our first line of signature fabrics, the only polka dots you could find were black, blue, or red on white, and white on black, blue or red and either the size of pin heads or the size of dimes. But now? No matter how you see spots, we probably have them in a size and color you’ll love.

Try our smaller polka dot prints for a classic look, or dare to be bold with our exclusive multi-colored stripes. You don't have to compromise to make your quilts look their best. There are a hundred ways to use our fabrics and even more ways to mix and match them.

Whether you need a companion fabric to match our laser-cut fusible appliqué, or a coordinated collection to make a quilt, we've got your go-to or go-with prints.