Learn the basics to help you achieve your goal of becoming a proficient long-arm quilter.

Classes include instruction in the following techniques:

  • Squaring up a quilt back
  • Efficiently loading a quilt
  • Pantographs
  • Lining up your next row
  • and More

These classes are designed for the beginner quilter interested in learning the fundamentals long-arm quilting, or for the experienced long-arm machine quilter inspired to perfect their skills.

Class demonstrations and handouts are included.

To schedule your private class, contact us at:
PHONE: 830-964-6133

Long-arm Quilting

All-over quilting (priced per square inch)

  • $ .0225 for Loose Patterns
  • $ .0250 for Medium Density Patterns
  • $ .0275 for Meandering or Dense Patterns

For best results:
Quilt top must be flat, square and well-pressed

If batting is supplied by customer batting should be a cotton blend - (Quilter's Dream Blend, Hobbs Cotton Blend or Warm & Natural Cotton Blend)

If thread is supplied by customer thread should be a 100% cotton quilting thread - (Preferably Superior King Tut or YLI ... 2-6 spools depending on quilt size and pattern)

Quilt back must be 6" wider AND longer than quilt top

Assembling Quilt back - $ 12.00 - $ 36.00


  • $ 1.25 per linear foot ( machine side only )
  • $ 3.50 per linear foot ( machine side and handstiched front )

For more information, contact us at:
PHONE: 830-964-6133

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