• Is it secure to place an order through your site?

    You can place your order online with complete confidence in the safety of your personal and credit card information.
    This information is only used to process your order. We will never sell, trade or distribute your personal information without your prior consent.

  • How do I reset my password?

    On our Log-In page, click on the message "Forgot your password?" You will be prompted to enter your e-mail address.
    Once you enter your e-mail address you will receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password. If you have further issues, call us at 830.964.6133.

  • How do I find the Design Wall?

    To access the Design Wall, add products to your Shopping Cart and you'll see a button for the Design Wall beneath your list of products.

    Once you are in the Design Wall, you can upload photos of your quilts, layout, resize & rotate different quilting designs, and even change the thread color!

  • Where are my downloadable purchases located in MY ACCOUNT?

    Your downloadable purchases are always available through your Urban Elementz and Applique Elementz accounts.

    1. Log into your account.
    2. On your account page is a link for "My Downloadable Products"
    3. Click the design name/link that is in orange to access your purchases

  • What is your copyright information?


    You are purchasing a non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable personal license to reproduce the pattern(s) included in your purchase (“Licensed Patterns”).
    Your use of the Licensed Patterns under this license is conditioned upon your strict compliance with the conditions stated below. If you do not comply with the
    conditions stated below, the license you purchased shall be and hereby is revoked without any further action by Urban Elementz. Thus, any and all uses of the
    Licensed Patterns which does not comply with the following conditions is an unauthorized use of the Licensed Patterns and constitutes an infringement of the
    copyright(s) protecting the Licensed Patterns and breach of this license granted herein.


    This license is a personal license. It permits only one person to create one or more quilts or other fabric-based finished goods incorporating one or more of the
    Licensed Patterns (collectively, “Finished Goods”). The person who first creates one or more Finished Goods is the person to whom the license applies
    (“Licensed Person”). Thereafter, only the Licensed Person may create Finished Goods under the license you purchased and the license may not be transferred
    to any other person without written permission from Urban Elementz.

    Any company, commercial business entity, or organization that wishes to reproduce, distribute, sell or otherwise use any Licensed Pattern or Finished Good must
    contact Urban Elementz to obtain permission.

    Any and all Finished Goods entered in a public venue must bear, on a conspicuous label attached to the Finished Goods, proper copyright notice and the individual
    author’s name (or authors’ names) of each author who created the Licensed Pattern(s) incorporated into the Finished Good. Information for proper copyright notice
    and identifying the author(s) who created the Licensed Pattern(s) included in your purchase should be provided by Urban Elementz, at the time of purchase or on
    Urban Elementz’ website www.urbanelementz.com; however, if Urban Elementz does not provide such information, it is your responsibility to contact Urban Elementz
    and request same in writing. Urban Elementz’ failure to provide such information, regardless of whether such information is requested or otherwise, shall not constitute
    an excuse for you not including the proper copyright notice and the name of the author or authors who created the Licensed Pattern(s) in any Finished Goods you create.
    This condition also applies to any and all displays of Finished Goods and/or any Licensed Patterns in any and all tangible mediums of expression other than fabric,
    including but not limited to photographs of Finished Goods, printed publications of Finished Goods, and/or displays of Finished Goods on social media, websites,
    or otherwise.

    No Licensed Pattern, or any part thereof, may be used in any way or form whatsoever (e.g., paper & digital pantographs/patterns/books/applique/decals/stencils) or
    reproduced by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photographing, photocopying, recording or taping, without providing proper copyright notice
    and without
    providing the name of the individual or individuals who authored the Licensed Pattern(s).

  • How do I redeem a gift certificate?

    Enter your gift cerificate number in the text box labeled "GIFT CARDS" found at the bottom of the SHOPPING CART page.

    gift cards

  • Can I exchange my paper pantographs for the digital version?

    Unfortunately, since we can't re-sell a previously owned pantograph, and with consideration of production and royalty costs, 
    we don't have any program in place for those wanting to convert their paper to digital. 

    But as an individual, you can post your paper pantos for sale in the various online chat rooms.
    We have seen a number of people do this, and they usually sell their pantos quite quickly.



  • Want to place a phone order, or need assistance checking out?

    If you would rather not place your order through our web site or need assistance, please feel free to contact us directly at:


    Monday through Friday 
    8:00am to 4:00pm CST

  • Where are the product sizes listed?

    All of our products have exact sizes listed. Once you've clicked on a product, just scroll down further on the page until you see the word DETAILS.
    Underneath that you'll see the specifics of the design.  NOTE: It's directly above REVIEWS.

    panto sizes

  • What is the difference between a PAPER, DIGITAL, SELF-PRINT, and TEAR AWAY pantograph?

    Paper Pantograph: A paper pantograph is a 12'-long sheet of paper, printed by Urban Elementz and shipped to you.
    It includes 1 or 2 fulls rows of the design plus two partial rows to help you precisely line up your rows.

    Self-Print Pantograph: A self-print pantograph is a downloadable PDF file that gives you an 8.5" x 11" section of a pantograph, with one full row and two partial rows. These are designed to be printed from your printer in your own home. For additional information, please refer to the FAQ subject "How do I print a Self-Print pantograph?"

    Digital Pantograph: A digital pantograph is for computerized quilting systems ONLY. These downloads come as a zip file containing the various computerized system formats. These are NOT configured to be printed as a paper version of the design. For additional information, please refer to the FAQ subjects "How do I download my digital files?" and "How do I unzip my digital files?"
    Tear Away Pantograph: A tear away pantograph is intended for both domestic and longarm quilting. Just place the special Tear Away paper onto your quilt with basting adhesive, quilt directly onto the tear away design, and tear away the paper when done.

  • Can I order a custom-sized PAPER pantograph?

    Absolutely! Any paper pantograph or bloack can be custom-sized to the size best suited for your quilt.

    To place an order with a custom size, go to the product's page. Under "Want a different size?" let us know what size you'd like for a single row of
    the pantograph / the size of the block. Also, please specify the number of rows needed for a pantograph. While we are happy to customize designs to any size you'd like,

    we do recommend staying within 2-3 inches up or down of the original size.


     custom size

    PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise requested: Sizes 6.5" and under will be printed on 11" paper, sizes 6.75" to 13.75" will be printed on 15" paper,

    and sizes 14" and above will be printed on 18" paper. Number of rows shown in image MAY NOT be what you automatically recieve on a custom size.


    Custom-sized pantographs must be prepaid and will take approximately 2 weeks to ship.  All custom pantograph sales are FINAL. 

  • How do I order a gift cards?

    To purchase a gift card, please enter the “Gift Card” button into the home screen's Search bar, or click here.

    If you would prefer a paper certificate, you can:

    1. Continue to place the order online, adding a note to the order (at checkout) requesting a paper certificate and where to mail it to. If you do not want the recipient to receive e-mail notification of the certificate, please use your own e-mail for the Recipient's E-mail portion. 

    2. Call our offices at 830.964.6133 to place a phone order for the gift certificate.

  • Is there a sales tax?

    If you are a Texas resident, Texas state sales tax (8.25%) will be added when we process your order.

  • How long does shipping take?

    All orders are shipped Monday/Wednesday/Friday via the United States Post Office or via Federal Express ground.
    Orders are packaged and shipped as quickly as possible.  We make every effort to ship items within one to three days (but unfortunately this is not always possible).

    The United States Postal Service & FedEx both estimate that packages ship within 3-5 business-days, although this is not guaranteed. 

  • What is your return policy?

    We are committed to customer satisfaction. All orders are carefully inspected prior to shipping but we will gladly refund
    or replace any physical item that does not meet your expectations. All physical items must be returned in their original condition within 14 days.

    All Design Board sales are FINAL.

    Digital, downloadable and custom-size purchases are non-returnable AND non-refundable.

  • How do I order WHOLESALE?

    1. To qualify to purchase wholesale, you must have:
         a. A valid resale/tax ID number
         b. A completed wholesale application (call or email us for application)
         c. Plus TWO of the following
             • a physical or web-based business
             • a listing in your local city yellow page directory
             • invoice showing wholesale purchase(s) from another company
             • a business address different from your home address
             • a business phone different from your home phone

    2. Wholesale minimums for orders are as follows:

        Patterns:         min. 6 per item, 12 patterns total
        Pantographs:  min. 3 per item, 18 pantographs total
        Digital CDs:     min. 3 per item, 12 CDs total
        Stencils:          min. 3 per item, 18 stencils total
        Tattoos:           min. 3 per item, 18 tattoos total
        Applique         min. 3 per item, 12 designs total
         NOTE:  Wholesale orders must total $150.00 (not including shipping)

    3. All first-time orders must be pre-paid before shipping. We accept: Mastercard, 
        Visa, Discover and PayPal online payments. You may also send checks and  
        money orders however; we will not ship until we receive payment.

    4. To qualify for a wholesale account a wholesale application must be completed,
        and we must have a copy of your resale/tax ID form on file. Email us at
        [email protected] to receive an application. Upon approval a
        user ID and password will be 
    assigned to access wholesale pricing online.

    5. We do not track backorders. If an item is out of stock; please reorder. Unless
        specifically requested, we do not hold shipments for out of stock items either.

    6. While we attempt to maintain price stability, we reserve the right to adjust prices  
        at any time without notification. New pricing will initially be reflected on our
        website. Catalogs will be  updated upon the next revision.

    NOTE: Paper prodcuts (pantographs, blocks, patterns, etc.) are for individual use
    only, by the purchaser/customer. They cannot be used by machine renters or for
    longarm classes. If you would like to use our designs for machine rentals or
    longarm classes, we have a discounted Rental Pack available for use by multiple people.
    Please call 830-964-6133 for additional information on our Rental Pack.

    Please email the application and qualifications to:
    [email protected]


  • What is the difference between E2E, B2B and P2P?

    E2E (edge to edge) designs are all continuous line pantograph / border / sashing designs (whether they are P2P / B2B or not).


    P2P (point to point) designs have the start and stop points at the outer most edges of the design. There is no interlock side to side on P2P designs, but there might be an interlock top to bottom.

    P2P Example

    B2B (border to border) designs have the start and stop points at the outer most edges of the design, AND the design will completely fill the space top to bottom. There is no interlock side to side OR top to bottom on B2B designs.

    B2B Example

  • What digital format do I need for my computerized quilting system?


  • How do I download my digital files?

    Patterns are available for immediate download upon payment authorization:

    1. From your Order Confirmation page you will see a prompt to "Go to My Downloadable Products" - this will redirect you to the
    My Downloadable Products page where you can access all of your digital purchases.













    2. To download your digital file from your My Downloadable Products page, click on the design name that is in orange.

    3. A window will pop up asking you if you would like to OPEN, SAVE, or CANCEL. Always click “SAVE”.

    4. Another window will open that shows locations on your computer. This is where you can choose the location that you want the file(s) to be saved on your computer. With some internet programs you can pick anywhere that you’d like the files to be saved, but please pick a location where you can find them again. NOTE: You will want to probably pick a location like “my documents” or a folder that you’ve created for downloads, patterns or something like that.  

    5. If you do not see a window asking where you'd like to save the file, it is most likely that your file was automatically downloaded to your computer's Downloads folder. If this is the case, please make note of where this ‘download” file is located.

    5. Allow the download to complete. Check the location that you chose for the file to be saved to make sure that it is there.

    6. You will now need to unzip the folder in order to access the actual pattern file to be read by your quilting machine system.

  • How do I unzip my digital files?

    Instructions for Unzipping Files (Windows XP/Vista):

    Method #1 

    1. Locate the “zipped” folders that you have downloaded.

    2. When you double-click on the ‘zipped” folder, you will see the files that are inside, but they are not “unzipped” yet.   
    On the left hand side of the window shown on your screen and you will see a link to the command “EXTRACT ALL FILES”. Click on this.

    3. An extraction wizard window should pop up. Click on “NEXT”.

    4. You should see a description of the destination of where your computer would like to place the unzipped files and a “BROWSE” button next to it. 
    Make sure that the location in that window is actually where you want the unzipped files to end up.

    5. If you don’t like the location that is listed, then click on the “BROWSE” button & select a new location for the files to end up, by clicking on locations
    until you have highlighted the specific location where you want the files to go. Then click “OK”.

    6. Once you click “OK” the browse/selection window will disappear and you will be returned to the extraction wizard window.  Click “NEXT”. 

    7. You can now either view the files (by putting a check in the box referring to viewing) or not (uncheck the box) and by clicking on “FINISH”.
    You now have completed unzipping your files. 

    Method #2

    1. Locate the “zipped” folders that you have downloaded.

    2. Double click the “zipped” folder you would like to open.

    3. Right-click and highlight the file inside the “zipped” folder, and without releasing the right-click button drag the file onto your desktop.

    4. You now have completed unzipping your files.

  • The start/stops of my pattern don't seem to be connecting. How do I connect them?

    Many of our patterns are inset patterns. Inset patterns create beautiful, interlocked and all-over quilting designs. 

    Inset designs require that you overlap the single-repeats of your design until the edges connect.
    connecting inset pantographs


     ***For additional information on how to make your designs overlap from edge-to-edge, please refer to your personal computerized quilting system's manual - this function differs from system to system.

  • How do I set up an offset pattern?

    With these designs, it is necessary to MANUALLY set up the digital file to offset each alternating row.


  • How do I set up a reflected, offset, two pass pattern?

    With these designs, the same row will be stitched twice. It will be necessary to MANUALLY set up the digital file to be a reflected offset two pass pattern. 

    offset two pass


  • How do I line up the next row using a pantograph?

    After sewing the two full rows of the design ( or the single full row ) place your laser light on an identifiable point on the partial row that is closest to the take-up bar.

    Drop your needle into the down position. This is done before you advance the quilt.  Then carefully roll up your quilt ( leaving your needle in the down position ) 

    until your laser light is lined up with the same identifiable point but on the full row that is closest to you.  Or in other words, until you get to the same

    identifiable point on the design in the first row that you sewed. Now you can begin sewing the first row of you design again.


    next row

  • How do I print and assemble a SINGLE PAGE Self-Print pantograph?

    1. Purchase the "Self-Print" version of your chosen pantograph and download the Self-Print PDF file.
    NOTE: All of our pantographs with a Self-Print option are available within Online Store's Self-Print 

    2. Print as many of the 8.5" x 11" pages as needed for the length of your quilt.
    NOTE: Before you print, make sure the page is scaled to 100%.

    3. Overlap the pages until the images on the separate sheets become a continuous design. Once the pages are aligned, secure with tape. Now you're ready for quilting!

  • How do I print and assemble a TWO PAGE Self-Print pantograph?

    1. Purchase the "Self-Print" version of your chosen pantograph and download the Self-Print PDF file.

    NOTE: All of our pantographs with a Self-Print option are available within Online Store's Self-Print category

    2. Print as many page #1’s and page #2’s that are needed to achieve the pantograph length you want.

    NOTE: Before you print, make sure the page is scaled to 100%.

    3. Cut along the dotted line of one of the page #2’s. Repeat the process for all page #2’s that were printed.

    4. Overlap one page #2 on top of page #1, making sure to line up the design. Permanently tape or glue in place.
        Repeat the process for all page #1’s and #2’s that were printed.


    5. Overlap one page #1/#2 set (assembled in the previous step) on top of another, making sure to line up the design.
        Permanently tape or glue in place. Repeat the process for all page #1/#2 sets that were printed.


    NOTE: The process will be the same whether the design is printed as portrait or landscape.


  • Do I need to purchase a stylus to use the Design Boards?

    If the stylus that your machine came with has a 1/8" tip, then you DO NOT need to purchase a stylus.  Otherwise, yes, you will need to purchase a stylus (or stylus with a bracket) that is specific to your machine. 

    To find further information about purchasing a stylus specific to your machine, go to:


  • Will Design Boards work with a Quilt Easy stylus?

    Yes - the grooves in a Design Board are the same size as the Quilt EZ panels.

  • How do Design Boards connect to each other?

    Design Boards connect together using a small rubber "O' rings that fit into the half circle grooves that are cut into each end of the boards.

  • How do I line up the next row when using design boards?

    After sewing one full row of the design (or two full rows), place your stylus in one of the holes that is closest to the take-up bar.
    Drop your needle in the down position on your quilt. 

    NOTE: This is done before you advance the quilt.  

    Then carefully roll up your quilt (leaving your needle in the down position) until your stylus is lined up with a LOWEST identifiable point
    directly in line with the hole on the full row that is closest to you. 
    Now you can begin sewing the first row of your design again.

     lining up the next row design boards

  • How do I use design boards with two boards?

    First line up and connect the two design boards. Stitch the first board and begin stitching the second. Once you've begun to stitch the second board, 
    lift the first board and place on the opposite side of the second board. Repeat this "leap frog" process for the neccessary length of the quilt.

    design boards


  • What are the best techniques for fusing Applique Elementz?

    It's quite easy!
    IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: Read Before Assembling
    Before peeling the paper backing from all the appliqué shapes, it can be helpful to press the appliqué shapes with an iron on a
    cotton setting with steam. Test appliqué by partially peeling off the paper backing from just one appliqué shape
    to be sure fusible web has adhered properly. NOTE: After removing the paper backing the wrong side of the fabric should feel slightly sticky.
    If the fusible web still seems to be sticking to the paper backing and not the fabric, press all the appliqué shapes again following the
    instructions above. Let the appliqué pieces cool and try 
    partially peeling the paper backing from one of the applique pieces again.
    If the fusible web has adhered properly, proceed 
    using appliqué accordingly.
    See our video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeuKKr53LFI

    1. Layout your background fabric, tee shirt, tote or pillow.
    2. Refer to the image of the applique on the packaging. We recommend starting with the biggest or central piece first.
    3. Remove the paper backing from the applique, exposing the Steam-A-Seam 2*
    4. Place the pre-cut shapes in the desired position & re-position if necessary. 
    5. Press the shapes in place with your hand.  Now your pieces will be temporarily held in place until the final pressing. 
    5. Once satisfied with your placement, press the shapes with an iron (with steam) until fused and the design will be permanently bonded to your project.
     *Steam-A-Seam 2 is a fusible webbing that is not permanent until pressed with an iron 

  • Do I need to stitch down my fusible applique?

    Applique Elementz is pre-backed with Steam-A-Seam 2, and if fused properly (with the appropriate heat and steam) our fusible applique does not need to be stitched down. 
    Projects / Quilts can be washed and dried afterwards on a gentle cycle with cold water and no heat.


  • How do I prepare a Quilt Sandwich?

    1. Mark a straight line approximately 2” across your backing fabric from side to side on the wrong side of the fabric. Then mark the center of your backing fabric.

    Sandwich 1

     2. Lay your quilt backing wrong side up across a table or the bars of your frame with the marked line facing towards you. 

    3. Lay out your batting across the backing, aligning the top of the batting with the 2” line on the backing fabric. Let the remainder of the batting hang down.

    4. Beginning at the center, pin your batting to the backing. Using your regular sewing machine baste the batting and backing together, making sure to keep the edge of the machine’s foot with the edge of the batting. 

    Sandwich 2

    5. Now mark the center of your quilt top.  Lay your quilt top across the backing/batting sandwich.  Beginning at the center mark pin your quilt top to the batting/backing sandwich, matching its top edge of your quilt top along the stitched line you created in step #4. 

    6. On your regular sewing machine baste stitch your quilt top to the backing/batting sandwich. 

    Sandwich 3

    7. Take the entire "sandwich" to your quilting frame.  Lay the completed sandwich across the bars of your machine and attach the top edge of your sandwich to the take-up roller. Remember to start at the center and work out in both directions. 

    8. Throw the quilt top and batting over the take-up roller out of the way.  Line up the other edge of your backing with the back roller of your frame. Again starting at the center and working out in both directions attach the backing to the back roller. 

    9. Roll your backing fabric taut onto the back roller. Straighten and remove any wrinkles in the backing fabric so it is completely flat. Now flip batting and quilt top back into place. Straighten and remove any wrinkles in the batting and the quilt top so it is completely flat and square. 

    10. Now you can begin your quilting.

    11. When you reach the bottom of your quilt, spray a little 505 spray on the wrong side of you quilt top to hold the edge down,and baste the bottom of your sandwich together, again beginning at the center and moving out in each direction.


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