The Pattern Grid

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Available in 2 sizes:

The PatternGrid Jr. - 9 inches x 12 feet
The PatternGrid Sr. - 18 inches x 12 feet

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The Pattern Grid Jr.

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The Pattern Grid Sr.

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No more guesswork on whether or not your pattern is straight or if it will fit. And not only will the gridlines help you with design placement, it can also help with custom design work.
Kits includeThe PatternGrid (made of a 10 ml. rigid plastic), a wet erase marker, 8 oz spray bottle, ruler and cloth for wiping off your wet erase marker.

Let The PatternGrid do the work for you.

The PatternGrid Jr. measures 9 inches x 12 feet
The PatternGrid Sr. measures 18 inches x 12 feet

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Customer Reviews (5)

Love my pattern grid. Review by MSK
Takes a lot of worry about slipping and where to start and stop out of using pantographs.

My question, are you going to be able to restock them? (Posted on 2/8/2019)
This is awesomeReview by Marie
I was looking for something to hold my pantos in place. I tried the painters tape but hated having it tear my paper when taking it off. I found this but didn't really want the grid on it. I decided finally to order it. I used it for the first time after receiving it. I love it. The grid is wonderful for lining up and with the wet marker I can mark and change what I need to easily. Then wipe it away. (Posted on 5/28/2018)
Wouldn't be without it!Review by Betty L
'Love my Pattern Grid! What I like most about it is that I can modify my pantographs. I have a tree panto with a star on the top of the tree, but sometimes I just want the tree without the star. Using a wet erase marker, I can mark the grid to remind me not to continue on to the star, but to turn down the other side of the tree instead. Ditto for a panto that has circles on top of what otherwise would look like waves on the ocean. I just mark the turns before the circles, and end up with nice waves. It works great! (Posted on 1/21/2018)
I LOVE THISReview by Joy
This product makes quilting with pantographs so much easier. It is also fantastic for stopping and starting around parts of a quilt that can't be quilted. (Posted on 8/21/2017)
Must HaveReview by Sally
I cannot imagine working with pantographs without the Pattern Grid. Makes things so much easier! I had one on my smaller longarm, and have one for my larger machine. I love this product. It is a must have for me. (Posted on 7/29/2017)

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