Paper $16.50 $14.85
Digital $15.00 $13.50

Lei Corner

Paper $8.50 $7.65
Digital $7.00 $6.30

Fiddlehead Triangle Block #2

Paper $8.50 $7.65
Digital $7.00 $6.30



Pantographs by Urban Elementz

 Urban Elementz provides quality digital and paper pantographs,
and patterns for quilters.

Quilting provides a perfect medium for synthesizing past, present and future;
and elevating this craft from purely functional to a level of artistry
is an honor as well as an adventure. 

Urban Elementz is dedicated to supporting your journey by providing innovative 

pantographs (in both digital and paperand stencils,
as well as patterns and books

Create beautiful pieces that will be loved and treasured by future generations
like many of the quilts from the past.

single flower2

Spotlight features 3 designs that change every day!
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Flowering Plum - December 2014

Flowering Plum-Combo-Set

Click here
to join our monthly club (available in both digital and paper).
Members will be shipped a new pattern collection automatically each month.
Memberships start as low as $10.00 per month.
Each collection will include one full edge-to-edge pantograph
and an assortment of complementary components.
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