Cherry Blossoms - Tattoo

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Cherry Blossoms - Tattoo

© 2019 Patricia E. Ritter

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Cherry Blossoms - Tattoo (ON CLEAR)
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Cherry Blossoms - Tattoo
© 2019 Patricia E. Ritter

Decorative contour cut decals (the same type that go on your car/motorcycle/bicycle) for sewing machines, longarms, electronics and more!

These rub-on decals are available on either a clear (for white or light color items) or a white (for dark color items) vinyl background.

SIZE: Multiple Sizes on an 8.5 inch x 11 inch sheet

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Excellent qualityReview by Cherry Blossom Bloomer
The quality of these decals is superb. The image is crisp and bright. The narrow margin of clear decal around the image is even and allows for the individual decals to fit into small places easily. I was able to reposition a few of the tiny elements without distorting them, which speaks to the quality of the decal itself. I used them on both my plastic sewing machine and on my metal stand mixer. Adhered perfectly to both.

Note: you don't have to cut these out precisely to use them. They have a border of adhesive decal cut around them. Simply cut around this and then apply as you want. Pressing a bit on the sheet of decals will make this line around each image easier to see.

These could make a fun gift with more applications than just sewing machines and kitchen mixers. How about refrigerator or washer/dryer that need a little cheering up? (Posted on 3/17/2020)

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